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Apple Magic Trackpad 1 (Silver) - Pre Owned

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Apple Magic Trackpad 1 (Silver) - Pre Owned

The Magic Trackpad's design is similar to the trackpad found on the current MacBook family of laptops, but 80 percent larger. It connects via Bluetooth and runs on two AA batteries. The trackpad is designed in the same style as Apple's Wireless Keyboard, and when put next to one, sits flush to it. Usage can be compared to the multitouch trackpads found in Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops. Additionally, the entire pad can be clicked; pressing on the device puts pressure on it and the surface it is resting on, pushing down two circular feet at the base of the trackpad, registering a click. The trackpad's required software update also added inertial scrolling and three-finger drag gestures to certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

Year Model 2010 - 2015
Model Number MC380LL/A
Connection Bluetooth
Power 2 AA Batteries
Buttons 1 Button with Multi-Touch

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