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Bamboo Stylus Blue

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Bamboo Stylus mini Blue


Tiny enough to take anywhere yet big enough to use comfortably, this perfectly portable stylus comes in a variety of colors to match your (and your device’s) style.


Made to be mobile.
Easy to use when you’re on the go, this small stylus also connects cleverly to your mobile device, so it doesn’t get lost along the way.

Vibrantly styled.
With chic design and easy-to-grip, soft-touch body, this stylish little stylus is available in a variety of fashionable hues

Replaceable rubber nibs.
Easy-to-replace, affordable rubber nibs ensure a smooth pen-on-screen experience for the life of your stylus.

Bamboo Paper
Capture your thoughts and ideas on digital paper in your own handwriting—take notes, doodle, jot down lists and more.

Bamboo Loop
Draw, write or scribble on photos right from your smart phone and create fun visual messages you can share with friends.

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