Baseus Aurora Case for iPhone X & XS

Baseus Aurora Case for iPhone X & XS

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At Baseus, our products are based on our users. Quality, attention to detail and intuitive designs are all aspects which we pride ourselves with.

Full product name:
Baseus - Aurora Case for Apple iPhone X & XS

Suitable for:
Apple iPhone X & iPhone X & XS

Main Features:
- Unique anti-fingerprint CD texture: The case has been designed with a small s-shaped groove pattern that runs throughout the exterior rear section of the case, this has specifically been done to create a unique texture that prevents fingerprints and smudges from appearing on the back of the case, these s-shaped groves create a beautiful and distinctive CD resembling finish.
- Optical plating process: The protective case has gone through a unique and complex optical coating process that provides its striking shine.
- Semi-transparent rear design: We have used a transparent colour on the rear of the case which is designed to preserve the distinctive appearance of the iPhone placed in it.
- Slim design: We have purposely designed this case to be slim, as oppose to a being a bulky design, this has enabled us to create a case that is very comfortable and seamless to hold.
- Screen edge protection: The protective case is slightly elevated around the edges of the screen to offer increased screen protection.
- Camera protection: We have designed a 0.2mm elevated edge around the camera lens to better safeguard it from scratches.
- Dual bottom corner openings: We have designed two openings in the bottom part of the hard PC (Polycarbonate material) case that permits the user to conveniently remove/install the device from the protective case without any difficulty.
- Rigid PC material: We have used hard and rigid PC (Polycarbonate) material to manufacture this case, this makes material enables the case to keep its slim profile.
- Wireless charging compatible: This case has been designed to be compatible with wireless charging.
- Accurately manufactured openings: The case openings have been accurately manufactured to be perfectly aligned with the speakers opening, and charging port openings of the iPhone, reinforcing our commitment to creating products that our customers can trust.

Please note:
- For an increase in screen protection we recommend purchasing a Baseus screen protector for the Apple iPhone X & XS.
- All of our premium Baseus cases have gone through rigorous quality control processes designed to make sure that our customers receive a product which can be relied on.
- This product packaging has been placed in a sealed plastic bag ensuring that our customers receive a clean and dust free un-boxing experience.
What's in the box
1 x Baseus - Aurora Case for iPhone X - Transparent Black

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