Patriot Stellar-C USB Type C/USB 3.1 Flash Drive 64GB

Mac Shack JHB

  • R 345.00

The Stellar-C is a dual-sided USB design that works on both standard USB and the new Type-C ports allowing for fast and easy transfer of photos, documents or music from most all your mobile or desktop devices.

Featuring a metal body and cap-less housing designed to protect it from damage and debris, the flash drive is small enough to fit on your key ring via the built-in swivel head. Coming in 64GB, you’ll have enough storage space to store all your favorite movies, songs, picture and more.

What’s more, the Stellar-C makes transferring data effortless, with blazing reading speeds up to 110MB/s read, and writing up to 20MB/s! Completely backwards compatible, the Stellar-C also comes standard with Patriot’s award winning customer service and a 2-year warranty.

The Patriot Stellar-C is compatible with nearly every Windows operating system, including Windows 10, as well as Linux 2.4 and later, and Mac OS9, or higher.

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