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Signature Set - STU540 & sign pro PDF

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As our most advanced and robust premium signature pads, the Wacom STU-540 features a 5" high-resolution color screen with hardened cover glass for superb durability.

They also feature a broad range of connectivity options including multiple choices for virtualised desktop environments, as well as sophisticated encryption and user convenience.

As a result, these signature pads have the flexibility to meet the growing demands of any organisation implementing handwritten electronic signatures.

Key Features and Benefits

• Low maintenance costs thanks to high durability and the patented cordless, battery-free digital pen
• Biometrical accurate signatures using the digital pen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity
• High durability and a natural, paper-like feel enabled by the hardened glass with anti-glare screen treatment
• Secure transactions enabled by state-of-the-art AES256 / RSA2048 encryption
• Support for virtualised environments through the Virtual COM Port (VCP) for compatibility with Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp v6.5 and later
• Customisable keypad and PIN pad enabling input using graphic images or numerals
• Attractive signature rendering through the use of WILL™ (Wacom Ink Layer Language) technology that renders the best and most authentic-looking representation of handwritten electronic signatures
• Enhanced signature traceability through a UID (Unique hardware ID) for identifying the exact signature pad unit used for a particular signature and other inputs
• Straightforward integration of signature pad support into applications through the WILL™ SDK (Software Development Kit) for Signature
• Ability to display promotional material through an upgraded USB protocol and internal image storage that enables ads to be shown at natural speeds with no delays

What's included:

  • STU-540
  • cordless and battery-free pen
  • USB cable (9.84 ft / 3 m)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • pen tether (nylon fiber, 19.7 inch / 50 cm)
  • 5 extra pen nibs
  • nib removal tool

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