Must-Have MacBook Accessories for 2019

If you’ve recently acquired a second hand MacBook, you’ll notice that the newer generations of Macs seem to be getting sleeker and thinner, and therefore shorter on ports! The upside to Apple’s innovation in it’s notebook products though, is the rise of awesome, specialised accessories which push the boundaries of the capabilities of your trusted Mac. With so many to choose from, here are our top five picks for essential accessories to pair with your second hand MacBook this year.

Take your Input to the Extreme with Magic Mouse and Trackpad options

Every hand generates different gestures. Some people prefer to operate solely on the built-in trackpad of their Macbook, while other Apple users simply can’t function without their trusted mouse. If you own a second hand Macbook running on OS X El Capitan or higher, take advantage of Apple’s Magic Mouse 2, a multi-touch, wireless device as your tool of choice to navigate around your Macbook. Should you be short on desk space and keen to explore Apple’s Force Touch technology, consider pairing your older MacBook model with the Apple Magic Trackpad 2. Both items are available to purchase on the Mac Shack online store.

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Adaptors and Cables for your Second Hand MacBook

The future of Apple’s Macbooks is linked to adaptors. Depending on what devices your Mac interacts with, consider investing in a few adaptors to expand your arsenal and get maximum performance from your notebook. For a small and simple connection, look at a single USB-C to USB adaptor, to connect a single device. For the power user, Mac Shack offers a number of USB all-in-1 adaptor hubs, allowing you to utilize up to 8 extra ports. If you’re familiar with using a larger external display, any connectivity issues can be solved with either a Thunderbolt - HDMI connector, or a versatile multi-function 4k display hub, both available from Mac Shack.

Extra Storage Options for your limited Hard Drive

Have you found that you’re suddenly squeezed for available storage space once you’ve downloaded essential programmes and files onto your second-hand Macbook? Changing your internal drive to a higher capacity SSD (Solid state drive) is the most direct solution. If your older Macbook happens to have an SD drive, rather invest in a compatible SD card to expand your SD storage. Avoid cheaper cards and rather settle on reputable models such as the Sandisk minidrive, which deliver faster read speeds and an instant 64GB boost to your storage capacity.

Make a Design Statement with a Trendy Sleeve and Macbook Bag.

If you’ve invested your hard earned money on a quality second hand MacBook, complete with the accessories you need, taking it on the move with you requires some solid protection. If you only require a thin and light case, on a budget, a Macbook sleeve will snugly fit your notebook and charger, while protecting your device from scratches and dents. For the more heavy duty user, invest in a quality bag which offers extra padding and a custom design for your Macbook and everything else Apple related that you may need to carry around.

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Mac Shack  

In addition to being a premium reseller of top quality refurbished, demo and second Macbook and iPhones, Mac Shack stocks every accessory you could possibly need or want for your Apple device, with a Warranty on every product sold. Our catalogue is expanded regularly as new and improved accessories enter the marketplace. Visit our online store and shop your Apple wishlist today