Adam Elements OMNIA Q 10w Wireless Charger - White

Adam Elements OMNIA Q 10w Wireless Charger - White

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More Power to Your Heart
The wireless charger that heals

7 Colors Options
OMNIA Q offering pulsating lights in seven color options. Pick a soothing color and keep a light for yourself at night even it’s not charging your phone.

Soft Contact with your phone
With calming concentric ripples in translucent silicone, the OMNIA Q keeps soft contact with your smart phone. Wherever you might always linger, be it your study, your office, living room or even kitchen, the soft, pure white OMNIA Q charger brings warmth to the life no matter it’s been easy or not.

It’s all your Ambience to Make
More than just the seven tones, the OMNIA Q comes with a color-blending mode, you can create custom hues that meet your space, aura and your mood. Rejuvenate yourself along with your phone. It heals.

Auto Detect Protection
OMNIA Q also can detects foreign objects such as keys, circuit cards and phones that don’t support wireless charging to protect your valued personal items and the charger itself.

Cute but Powerful Too
Thanks to the all-aspect consideration, the OMNIA Q not only charges lightning-fast*, it’s extremely high efficiency allows you to charge your phone even without removing the protective case.

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